Tiffany C. Schneider

Tiffany Schneider is the hearing child of a deaf adult. She is a native user of American Sign Language. Since her birth, Tiffany’s parents have been involved in teaching American Sign Language in contracted classes internationally. Tiffany has picked up the family business and has taught sign language courses in the Family’s company, International Sign Language School as a native signer.

Currently, Tiffany Schneider serves as interpreter coordinator and business manager for American Society for the Deaf in El Paso, TX. Her responsibilities include arranging for interpreters for the company’s clients such as El Paso Independent School District, Social Security Administration, Texas Department of Adult Rehabilitation Services. Tiffany does much of the interpreting personally.

For 10 years Tiffany Schneider has served as contract Sign Language Interpreter with Lionbridge Federal working in Immigration Court for Homeland Security.

Tiffany Schneider has special skills dealing with low verbal/high visual hearing-impaired people with no formal language skills. She is proficient in American Sign Language with experience using Signed English.

Tiffany Schneider is a graduate of World Mission Society Christian High School of El Paso, Texas. The school was founded for the schooling of Missionary children who travel frequently.

Tiffany Schneider is graduate of Louisiana Baptist University with bachelor’s degree in Deafness.

Tiffany has held a level IV certification as a certified Interpreter with the National Association of the Deaf which has been taken over by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Re-registration with the RID is pending.

Tiffany Schneider is a professional dog trainer with extensive experience in training working dogs such as guard dogs, hearing aid dogs, service companion dogs and basic obedience training.

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