Our History

• Taught sign-language interpreters in churches across the United States.
• Established summer camp programs for the deaf in New Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Caribbean, and Samoa.
• Established the deaf educational program at Tennessee Temple University (Chattanooga, TN); consulted on the establishment of deaf educational programs at Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA), Hyles Anderson University (Hammond, IN), and Deaf Sword College (Knoxville, TN).
• Taught total communication to the teachers at the School for the Deaf in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was the only deaf school in the country at the time, taught without sign language. Now every state in Brazil has a school for the deaf, uses Brazilian sign language.
• Co-authored the sign language textbook still used in Brazilian schools for the deaf.
• As service provider for the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (now part of the Texas Workforce Commission), offered job placement services, job coaching, and interpreting. Assisted approximately 100 deaf individuals find gainful employment.

• Taught sign language to 50 teachers in the island nation of Tonga and established the island Organization of Deaf.
• Established the Puerto Rico Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
• Taught sign language to Deaf Educators at the school for the deaf in Western Samoa.
• Worked with Korean International Christian School to open thirty (30) Christian schools in South Korea.
• Started the Christian School Administrator’s Training Program at the Korean International Christian School.
• Conducted a town hall meeting with deaf and hearing-impaired residents of El Paso, Texas to discuss housing and employment needs for deaf in the area. Over 200 were in attendance.
• Provided in-class interpreting services to the El Paso Independent School District.
• Provided substitute teachers for classes comprised of deaf and hearing-impaired students.
• Published sign language course books in American Sign Language and fifteen (15) other languages.
• Assisted approximately thirty (30) deaf and hearing-impaired clients find meaningful employment.
• Assisted twenty (20) deaf and hearing-impaired clients obtain either a GED or high school diploma.
• Provided interpreting services to most (if not all) federal immigration courts in the United States.

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