Non-Clinical Counseling

At the Desert View Deaf Center, the World Mission Society offers social services of many kinds. A significant part of this work is non-clinical counseling.

Deaf people are welcome to come to our offices for assistance with routine or specialized tasks that do not warrant a certified interpreter or clinical counseling. Some examples of these services include the following:

Explanations of a letter or bill
Setting appointments
Interpreter when
Buying a car
Touring a home with a realtor
Buying glasses
Arranging for, and interpreting, a job interview
For assistance with any non-clinical assistance, or for assistance with social issues where requesting a certified interpreter may complicate matters, feel free to contact any World Mission Society office.

*These services are offered free of charge.
*All WMS interpreters are professional and proficient. However, interpreters providing services in this category may not be certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

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