Non-Clinical Counseling

At the Desert View Deaf Center, the World Mission Society offers social services of many kinds. A significant part of this work is non-clinical counseling.

Deaf people are welcome to come to our offices for assistance with routine or specialized tasks that do not warrant a certified interpreter or clinical counseling. Some examples of these services include the following:

Explanations of a letter or bill
Setting appointments
Interpreter when
Buying a car
Touring a home with a realtor
Buying glasses
Arranging for, and interpreting, a job interview
For assistance with any non-clinical assistance, or for assistance with social issues where requesting a certified interpreter may complicate matters, feel free to contact any World Mission Society office.

*These services are offered free of charge.
*All WMS interpreters are professional and proficient. However, interpreters providing services in this category may not be certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

The love of my life passed away suddenly from heart failure Thursday October 13, 2022. I miss her terribly much. She was a strong woman and a Saint of a Christian. We worked together with the Deaf Community Internationally for over 58 years.

Donald Cabbage

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